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Remote collar training workshop in Texas

This past weekend I was in Texas presenting a remote collar training workshop with On The Ball K-9 Training. We had a wonderful group of participants, both pet owners and other professional dog trainers. The dogs ranged from young pups to older dogs with behavioral issues. Regardless of age or past history, we started at the beginning and learned the foundation skills necessary to build better behavior. The foundation skills of remote collar training include teaching the dog that stimulationRead more “Remote collar training workshop in Texas”

The quality of Remote dog collar training.

Remote dog collar training is as much of an art as it is a science. And art is usually about quality not quantity. I know for a fact there aren’t enough quality dog trainers around. That statement is easily represented by the amount of dog problems that are present world-wide. If more people really “got it” in regards to dogs, we just wouldn’t see the issues of aggression, fear, and behavioral instability that we see. “Getting it” means being educated.Read more “The quality of Remote dog collar training.”

Professional E-collar dog training: 72 hours to change a dog’s life.

This past week I’ve been busy teaching our 10 day professional dog trainers course, the TMD E-cademy. We are a week into it and I wanted to share a few reflections. We started the week with 6 students and a variety of dogs to work with. Most of the students brought either their own dog or a clients dog, plus we had several of our training dogs in residence to work with. On day one none of the dogs wereRead more “Professional E-collar dog training: 72 hours to change a dog’s life.”

Dog e-collar training: a case for clarity and another life saved.

Emily Stoddard from Canine Sports Dog Training recently sent me a success story of how proper use of an e-collar helped a dog destine for euthanasia. Guinness’ story is not an unusual one, a dog with a less than desirable upbringing, going to a new home and the new owner struggling to rehab an animal who has learned the wrong behavioral response to anything he perceives as scary. Unfortunately the sad stories like his aren’t hard to come by. TheRead more “Dog e-collar training: a case for clarity and another life saved.”

I Love My E-collar and So Does My Dog!

I recently posted a request for cover photos on our I Love My e-collar and so Does My Dog! Facebook page. Whenever we post these requests there is a good response and often stories accompany the photos. Such is the case with Oliver and his owner Kimberley. I appreciate being able to share these stories because I think it is so critical that dog owners understand there are options for tools and methods for training dogs. That concept really needsRead more “I Love My E-collar and So Does My Dog!”

Does flooding have a place in the world of dog training?

I recently hosted Chad Makin for his Pack To Basics workshop. We had a wonderful event and many trainers went home with new skills and knowledge to add to their programs in helping dogs and humans deal with aggression issues. Because the work involves immersing dogs into a group (“pack”) as a main part of the protocol for dealing with dog – dog aggression  issues, Chad discussed several concepts early in the day before we moved on to practical applications.Read more “Does flooding have a place in the world of dog training?”

Remote Training Collars and Dog Aggression

Remote Training Collars and Dog Aggression: : It Isn’t All About the Tool This past weekend I hosted a guest speaker at my dog training facility in Dubuque, IA.  Chad Mackin joined us to present his Pack To Basics Workshop. We had about 25 professional trainers and a few pet owners join us for 2 days of discussion and hands on work tackling the difficult problem of dog to dog aggression. We had a few interesting cases including Soldier Boy whoRead more “Remote Training Collars and Dog Aggression”

E-collar dog training: What the Sharpie had to say.

Last weekend I taught a workshop on advanced concepts in e-collar training. The workshop hosted by Flying Colors Canine touched on many topics. We discussed improving precision, adding tricks to the repertoire, how to deal with behavioral problems like aggression and anxiety, how to begin with puppies plus a bit more. While all the topics had the use of remote collars as a common denominator there were other messages I was trying to convey in my teaching. One of theRead more “E-collar dog training: What the Sharpie had to say.”

Invisible Fence for Dogs

Invisible Fence for Dogs: Good, Bad or Ugly? Lots of people ask for an opinion about invisible fence for dogs and the system. Do they work, are they necessary, will they make a dog aggressive? If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you are already familiar with my general stance that it is never so much about the tool as it is about the person doing the training. As the old saying goes “It’s the fool,Read more “Invisible Fence for Dogs”

Remote Collar Training Workshop

Robin MacFarlane will be presenting an advanced trainers workshop with emphasis on remote collar applications in October 2012. The workshop will be hosted by Clarice Kashuba of Flying Colors Canine Canine Academy in Fort Wayne, IN This is an advanced workshop and not a beginners course. Attendees must have a solid understanding of remote collar conditioning concepts in order to participate in a working position. If you are a trainer who has been using a remote collar as part ofRead more “Remote Collar Training Workshop”