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UK dog owner amazed by results of using an electronic dog collar

The UK is an area known for legislative upheaval in the dog training world, particularly in regard to electronic dog training equipment.  The following testimonial is from a dog owner who used a remote collar after exhausting a myriad of other training advice and now has peace of mind that he can control his Border Collie’s dangerous habit of chasing cars.

Remote Collar Training, What does Science have to say?

Shock collars, electronic collars, remote training collars…what ever you want to call them, they create a lot of controversy. But how much is factual and how much is based only on emotion? The following article was written by professional dog trainer, Janeen McMurtrie of SmartDogs in Red Wing, MN.  An excellent article that discusses the current science discussions surrounding the use of remote electronic training collars. See No Evil, Read No Evil, Cite No Evil The internet hosts hundreds of […]