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Remote Collar Manufactuers: What you Don’t know Might Shock you!

I recently returned from visiting Radio Systems Corp in Knoxville, TN. Radio Systems is the parent company for a number of electronic dog training product manufacturers.  One of their brands is PetSafe, whose name was recently in the news in association with attempting to challenge the ban on electronic training aids in Wales. I certainly recognize that people in the anti-Static correction campaigns are likely jumping for joy at the upheld ban and this will be

Remote dog training collars: Tools of torture or communication devices?

There are many ways to use a remote dog training collar. Unfortunately the first idea that comes to mind for many people is the thought that it is the *biggest hammer* in the tool box and should only be used after all other possibilities have been exhausted. I believe this philosophy

UK dog owner amazed by results of using an electronic dog collar

The UK is an area known for legislative upheaval in the dog training world, particularly in regard to electronic dog training equipment.  The following testimonial is from a dog owner who used a remote collar after exhausting a myriad of other training advice and now has peace of mind that he can control his Border Collie’s dangerous habit of chasing cars.

Should I use the vibration rather than the stim on my remote training collar?

The following question was sent to me over the weekend by Josh, a member of the TMD online training community. “Robin, I have been watching the videos and reading the articles in your online training program.  Many current e collars have a vibrating function.  I was wondering what your thoughts were to use the vibrating function for all the taps as opposed to the stimulation.” This is a great question so I thought we should explore the topic a bit.

Can using an electronic dog collar foster a greater desire to learn?

People tend to have strong opinions about electronic collars and remote collar training for dogs. As  you have probably come to understand here at The Truth, the only opinions we feel have any validity are from those people who

A former E-collar hater’s perspective on remote collar training

The following, was originally posted on August 18, 2010 by Sarah Smith of Paws N Motion in St. Paul, MN. I’ve asked permission to share it here on The Truth About Shock Collars. I think you will enjoy Sarah’s intelligent writing and interesting viewpoint on remote training collars and their use in dog training.

E-palooza! – Professional dog trainers commitment to excellence

Learning about dogs, how to train them, solve behavior problems, work with their owners and run a successful business is a lifetime endeavor. At least it is for

Remote Collar Dog Training Workshop in Columbus great success

Congratulations go out to another great group of pet owners and professional dog trainers who took the time to learn more about the possibilities of remote collar dog training. We had a wonderful weekend together and all the dogs were delightful!

Remote Collar Training – What level is right for your dog?

A while back I wrote about the level of stimulation that should be used when training a dog with an electronic, remote collar. That article addressed the concept of adjusting the intensity to fit the situation.  As a general rule, less stimulation is needed during the regular daily routine and more is needed when things get exciting and the dog’s adrenaline level goes up. Adjusting the intensity is similar to turning up the volume on a radio or television whenRead more “Remote Collar Training – What level is right for your dog?”

Shock Collar Training helps Bernese Mountain Dog in Michigan enjoy freedom

“I had never heard of a “shock collar” prior to Mike Burkey mentioning it to me.  As I use a wheelchair to get around and also have limited use of my hands, Mike thought it made sense for me to obtain Rocco’s (Bernese Mountain dog) attention, if needed. At first, I was reluctant to use it, because I feared it would inflict pain.  Turns out, it doesn’t.