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Two weeks of remote collar training turn mischeivious mates into precious pups again.

How long should it take to have well well-trained, well-behaved dog? For the Earl family, it was eight years of challenges before they found the proper training and techniques to turn their two into a more mannerly duo. However, once they learned about how the electronic collar could help them, it was only two weeks until the problems were solved. They were then on the way to the more enjoyable life they had envisioned with their dogs.

Can remote training collars help dogs with anxiety issues?

Can electronic training collars be used to help a dog that has separation and anxiety issues? The thought of using these type of training collars for behavior problems goes counter intuitive to what many may first believe.  But in actuality, the e-collar, or shock collar as some refer to it proves to be one the more humane and gentle solutions in helping dogs such as Willow, discussed below, regain a more normal and full lifestyle. Bear in mind, I say […]

Who says a 72 year old can’t manage a 90 pound dog? (or a case for remote training collars)

The following words are from a client of The Dog Squad, a dog training company in Oakland, CA that utilizes the remote training collar as one of their training tools. It is fairly brief testimonial but apparently the client was very pleased with the outcome! There were two things that struck me when I read the words below: the age of the client   and the size of the dog.

Electronic collars: Don’t they have to Shock the dog in order for it to work?

A pet dog owners perspective on remote collar training (aka: shock collar training as some would call it) is always interesting to me. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable professional dog trainer the doubt always gives way to the “Wow” factor. It is hard not to be wowed by the results of a system that

Remote Collar Manufactuers: What you Don’t know Might Shock you!

I recently returned from visiting Radio Systems Corp in Knoxville, TN. Radio Systems is the parent company for a number of electronic dog training product manufacturers.  One of their brands is PetSafe, whose name was recently in the news in association with attempting to challenge the ban on electronic training aids in Wales. I certainly recognize that people in the anti-Static correction campaigns are likely jumping for joy at the upheld ban and this will be

Remote dog training collars: Tools of torture or communication devices?

There are many ways to use a remote dog training collar. Unfortunately the first idea that comes to mind for many people is the thought that it is the *biggest hammer* in the tool box and should only be used after all other possibilities have been exhausted. I believe this philosophy

Will a shock collar make dog aggession worse?

It is easy to find websites loaded with misinformation regarding using remote collars with dog aggressive dogs. The warnings about increasing aggression, traumatizing the dog and all sorts of horrible outcomes are rampant. The mantra of *the sky is falling, the sky is falling” sound plausible enough to the unknowing reader. But the main problem

How Long Will My Dog Have to Wear a Remote Training Collar?

Remote Training Collar: How Long? Or Does Your Dog Like to Speed? People have lots of questions when they are learning how remote training collars can be used to help train their dog. How do you find the right level for the dog? How do you know if the dog is feeling the stimulation? What is the correct fit for the collar? One of the more frequent questions is: How long will my dog have to wear the collar? It […]

Learning how to train with a remote dog collar works wonders

This past August I taught a workshop on how to use a remote training collar (or unfortunately as some people call them: shock collar) to teach basic obedience and manners to pet dogs. Over the course of two days we worked on exercises like how to find the right level to gain the dog’s attention, how to teach loose lead walking, stay in one place and come when called. The training helps

How to properly fit a remote training collar for your dog.

When choosing to use a remote collar for training your dog it is important to understand how to properly fit the collar. Proper fit is one of the key factors in how well the collar is going to work during the training. A collar fitted correctly will have both